[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] New open source Web Browser for Maemo.

From: Antônio Gomes antonio.gomes at indt.org.br
Date: Tue Aug 9 18:27:11 EEST 2005
Hi all,
This email aims to inform the launch of the MANaOS Web Browser for the 
Maemo/Nokia 770 Platforms. The MANaOS Browser is a port of the 
MiniMo/Mozilla Web Browser [1,2], an embedded version of the 
Mozilla/Firefox Browser. Some screenshots can be viewed at [3, 4].

It implements an application layer to provide a Rendering Engine 
independence. This layer is called BIA (Browser Interface Agent), and it 
enables the users to specify, at compile time, which engine will be used 

In this first release, the following features are available:
   * Load internet pages
   * Go back and forward to a desired page in the window
   * Can reload and stop loading of the web page
   * Proxy configuration
   * Progress bar to show web page downloading progress
   * Increase and decrease font size
   * Web page menu item
    - Open page
    - Open file
    - Save as
    - Save image as
   * Increase and decrease font size
    - Details
   * Edit menu
    - Cut, Copy, Paste, Select all and Find
   * View menu
    - Show toolbar
    - Show images
   * Settings
    - Browse offline
   * Close window / all windows
   * Enable sensitive menus and buttons, according with the loading state
   * Enable or disable Go and Forward buttons according with the loading 
   * Global history window
    - goto, delete and close
   * 'new_window' signal working properly
    - popups and links that activated new window are being opened in the 
right way
   * Navigation menu item was completely implemented
   * Open and close browser window and switch between windows
   * Open and define home page locating in the internet
   * Send e-mail
   * Add to bookmark
   * Set as home page
   * Switching between browser windows


    It is compiled with plug-ins, extensions, cache, dynamic loading and 
JS support.


    At this point, it has about 17Mb of footprint (RSS),


    All packages and dependencies (both for i386 and ARM platforms) 
required for builduing MANAoS are available at [5], including some 
howtos and guidelines instructions.

[1] http://www.mozilla.org/projects/minimo/
[2] http://linuxdevices.com/articles/AT7396996719.html
[3] http://www.indt.org.br/10le/manaos/screenshots/screen01.png
[4] http://www.indt.org.br/10le/manaos/screenshots/screen02.png

[5] http://www.indt.org.br/10le/manaos

Feel free for download and look at the source code, send us patches with 
new features or bug fixes. Every contribution will be apreciated.

ps1 : Special thanks for Doug Turner, the leader of the MiniMo/Mozilla 
Project, and your important help and advices.

*ps2 : Some troubles still remain if the building was performed through 
the '.deb' files: The menu item created can not startup the application 
(MANaOS). Tips ?? In this case, the start up of the application must be 
done from the scratchbox command line enviroment, using the 
'run-standaone.sh' env script.

$$$$$$ run-standalone.sh /usr/bin/run-manaos.sh
We hope you enjoy it as you can !!! ;)

kind regards

10LE Browser Team

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