[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] r00t

From: Jochen Eisinger jochen at penguin-breeder.org
Date: Fri Oct 21 23:31:16 EEST 2005

here's a short howto-get-root

1) download the software update from nokia, and unzip it
2) run ex (think extract) - http://c0ffee.org/stuff/ex.c
3) copy all .dmp files to a subdir (let's say ~/tmp/)
4) mount the rootfs.dmp (parameters for mtdram are total_size=55936
5) modify usr/sbin/gainroot to be a bit less concerned about r&d
6) umount the image, dump the mtdblock device to ~/tmp/rootfs.dmp
7) run cn (think construct) - http://c0ffee.org/stuff/cn.c
8) flash the resulting img on your device
9) install xterm
10) sudo /usr/sbin/gainroot

have fun :)

i'd provide an ready image, if I'd get an official ACK from some nokia

kind regards
-- jochen

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