[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Display went dead after disabling rd mode

From: Ville Ranki ville.ranki at iki.fi
Date: Sat Jan 14 23:15:00 EET 2006

There seems to be a bug that exists on new 770 devices. 
After doing the --disable-rd-mode part at
the display shows only white with dim vertical
stripes. There are 2 cases on #maemo irc channel of
this bug - both devices were received yesterday (friday
13th). There's no known fix for this yet. Reflashing
the whole firmware does not help.
The device itself works - the startup sound plays and the
mmc files can be browsed with usb cable. 

-- Ville Ranki                     oh3gbq
   ville.ranki at iki.fi              040-757 2533

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