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From: Laurent GUERBY laurent at guerby.net
Date: Sat Jan 27 11:32:38 EET 2007
On Fri, 2007-01-26 at 18:34 -0800, James Sparenberg wrote:
> > http://maemo.org/maemowiki/ApplicationCatalog2006
> yes and filed a bug against it, for some reason if I install it I loose 
> graphics in the themes (files are there but I'got a white border to the left 
> and no graphics on keyboards popups etc.  Not sure but it fights with either 
> fuse or pptp enabled kernel.  

To be on the safe side, I proceeded as follows with my N800 (which has
sssh installed):

1/ on my desktop Linux pc

mkdir -p /tmp/n
cd /tmp/n
wget  http://mummola.cs.tut.fi/n770/files/busybox_1.01-4.osso10-ipv6.etc1_armel.deb
ar x busybox_1.01-4.osso10-ipv6.etc1_armel.deb data.tar.gz
tar xfz data.tar.gz
mv ./bin/busybox ./bin/busybox2
scp ./bin/busybox2 root at YOURNOKIA:/bin/

2/ then on my N800 as root

cd /usr/bin
ln -s /bin/busybox2 ip
ln -s /bin/busybox2 nc
ln -s /bin/busybox2 ping
ln -s /bin/busybox2 ping6
ln -s /bin/busybox2 telnet
ln -s /bin/busybox2 traceroute

3/ Enjoy ping/ping6/telnet/traceroute and no risk to brick your N800 :).

I did that because I noticed the list of app is not identical compared
to the default busybox one:

- [[
+ depmod
- fuser
+ ip
+ nc
+ ping
+ ping6
- sysctl
+ telnet
+ traceroute
+ wget

Plus I believe busybox has options per apps.

I wish busybox developers would make a busybox-extraNN that doesn't
touch the existing system busybox. Okay you loose 300kB of flash but who cares :).

I also wish nokia would include ping, telnet and traceroute by default :).


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