[maemo-community] [maemo2midgard] how to search for productGroup?

From: Henri Bergius henri.bergius at nemein.com
Date: Wed Jan 31 08:15:10 EET 2007

On Wed, January 31, 2007 2:50 am, Ferenc Szekely wrote:
> i can't figure out how to search for productGroup (or "application
> category") in the app catalog.

You need to search by the database ID of the product group, not the URL name.

> <select name="org_openpsa_products_search[3][value]" id="productGroup">
> <?php
>     org_maemo_search_options_helper($options, 3);
> ?>
> </select>


<select name="org_openpsa_products_search[3][value]" id="productGroup">
    $options = org_openpsa_products_product_group_dba::list_groups();
    org_maemo_search_options_helper($options, 3);

Your search would actually have worked if you had specified the
org_openpsa_products_search[3][property] as 'productGroup.code', since
productGroup is a linked field.

> ferenc


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