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Status: Open
Priority: 3
Submitted By: Quim Gil (qgil)
Assigned to: Nobody (None)
Summary: maemo CRM 
Component: None
Project Phase: None

Initial Comment:
maemo CRM

Description: A tool to manage user data and optimize the communication from maemo core to the community and also between users.

Timeframe: Complete by Chinook release, beta available asap so users can start introducing data.

Responsible: Ferenc Szekely (project manager) and Quim Gil (product manager).



- Administrators can create, modify and delete database fields through a simple web interface.

- The fields to be filled manually by users can have plain text values, URLs, emails, numbers, dates, checkboxes. The database needs to handle properly these values.

- Administrators can define other database fields with values provinent from available data in other parts of maemo.org i.e. bug reports, garage activity, etc.

- Administrators can define a karma value based on collected data.


- Registered users can introduce, edit and delete their data manually through their user account.

- Registered users can delete their data and account completely from the database.

- Administrators can edit, modify and delete data from all users.

- Every time the manual data of an account is modified by anybody, the corresponding user receives and email with the changes.

- The data coming from automatic processes is refreshed once a day, or sooner if it's feasible and makes sense (i.e. latest garage activity).


- The system accomplishes all legal requirements in terms of privacy and personal data handling i.e. acceptance of terms & conditions, database register if needed, etc.

- Users can select different levels of privacy (show to all, registered users, contacts, only admins) on fields to be defined.

- Data is stored in standard database format, so we can expect feasible data portability if one day we decide to migrate to another standard system.

- A backup system assures the data is replicated and safe.

- Email addresses are never exposed.

- Private data is safely protected from potential attacks.


- User data is shown through a one and only user profile in maemo.org.

- The data is exposed according to the degrees of privacy defined by the user.

- User profiles are searchable through search engine.

- User profiles are browsable through tags / categories i.e. users in Finland.

- Page ranks/reports can be generated and automatically updated.

- Data updates are available as RSS feeds.


- Same requirements as with public data, only available to the authorized audiences.

- Administrators have full access to all data via web interface.

- Administrators can export data and extract basic reports.


- Administrators can start a developer device program assigning a number of devices/codes to different regions / Nokia shops.

- Administrators can make public the program and its deadline activating a new field in the users profiles. This field shows how many days remain before the deadline and a button to apply.

- The system checks that users applying for the program have the required fields filled (to be defined), otherwise prompts.

- The users select the country of the Nokia shop they wish to get the device from and they accept explicitely the terms and conditions.

- The system warns applicants with a karma and other values to be defined below a minimum, requiring them to cancel or to explain further in a text area.

- Once an application is accepted the users get an automatic message.

- Administrators can define a date to end the program, so users can't apply anymore.

- Administrators can select via checkbox the applicants approved.

- The system checks in real time the amount of devices/codes available in each region/shop according to the users selected.

- Administrators can accept and applicant and assign a code to it.

- Administrators can send at once all the emails to the accepted applicants, including the code belonging to each one.

- Accepted applicants can report feedback/problems through a specific interface; the data is collected and related to the user account. 


- Users can select other users as contacts.

- Users receive a message when another user has added them as contact.

- Access to authorized data is granted only when there is reciprocity (each user defines the other as contact).

- Contacts to other users are shown publicly only when there is reciprocity.

- Users can deselect contacts anytime.

- Administrators can send emails to all users in the database, or just a fraction based on database criteria.


- Optimized for Internet tablets.
- Defined browsers supported.
- Test cases to be defined.


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