[maemo-community] Sprint meeting & process

From: Andre Klapper aklapper at openismus.com
Date: Mon Jul 6 03:15:08 EEST 2009
Am Freitag, den 03.07.2009, 14:08 +0100 schrieb Andrew Flegg: 
> > The next sprint meeting will be held on Tuesday, 7th July at 13:30 UTC.

Wifi here at GCDS (Gran Canaria Desktop Summit) is quite unstable
sometimes and it looks like I've got another (physical) meeting around
14:00 UTC on Tuesday, so I'm not sure if I will make it.
Hence reporting here.

>     * 9.02-01 Create bugs.maemo.org patchset (andre)

Not much work on that in the last two weeks - been mostly into Business
as usual, Updating tickets wrt Fremantle plus Newstyle bugzilla.
Going to continue next week.

> * 9.04-05 newstyle bugzilla (andre)

Started with Ryan on implementing and testing (adopting the global maemo
CSS plus the required tweaks).
Also going to continue next week (after GCDS + an extended weekend).

Andre Klapper (maemo.org bugmaster)

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