[maemo-community] Start of April_10 sprint: your action required

From: Carsten Munk carsten.munk at gmail.com
Date: Wed Apr 7 08:54:12 EEST 2010
My plan is to weekly publish my hour sheets regarding my public tasks
as well as a report, on my mer-project.blogspot.com (syndicated to
planet.maemo.org). It is important to note that I will not be 100%
(120h/month) on public community tasks in terms of hours due to my
position being a bit on the fence between internal and external.

These are a bit high level tasks, because tasks underneath this is
difficult to maintain on wiki in the granularity I'd like to (and
would cause double-reporting for me):

SHOULD Establish foundation for recompiling Fremantle for ARMv6+VFP in OBS

I've been working on this for a bit and I should finish it within this
sprint and start the building process.

SHOULD Participate in technical preperation of a maemo.org OBS

This is closely linked to the above as it covers similar technologies
and methods. The goal is to build maemo.org Extras in a OBS.

SHOULD Help create hardware adaptation of MeeGo for N8x0

It is obvious that there is some interest in this, so my task in this
would be to coordinate this work. A proof of concept already was made
with a 2.6.33 kernel and MeeGo base system running.

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