[maemo-community] Start of April_10 sprint: your action required

From: daniel wilms daniel.wilms at nokia.com
Date: Wed Apr 7 10:34:55 EEST 2010

here the details of my tasks:
>   *  9.09-01 MUST    Niels Breet, Daniel Wilms
This is done. I will write an email tomorrow, with a suggestion how to 
continue with the policy on this list to discuss.
>   *  9.09-10 MUST    Daniel Wilms
I will first deploy CAS on a new server, before I will continue with 
that one. Will do it beginning of next week.
>   * 10.01-08 MUST    Daniel Wilms
One view is still missing. Andrew has finished it this week and I will 
implement it ASAP. Hopefully I can upload the new version still this 
week or latest beginning of next week.
>   * 10.01-07 COULD   Daniel Wilms
Not started yet.

And a big sorry for being so silent on the Qaiku channel. Partly it was 
because of the winter-vacation, partly because of a lot of internal 
stuff, which had to be done, and posting too often BAU messages is not 
useful for anybody I guess, and sometimes I simply forgot to update, 
which is clearly not good and I try to do better. Sorry for that,

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