[maemo-community] Start of April_10 sprint: your action required

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Sat Apr 10 10:34:28 EEST 2010

Andrew Flegg wrote:
> Sorry, it did. I've been trying to avoid railroading people by jumping in with my own opinons too quickly.

Understandable :) I assume that now that you've opened the subject,
others will jump in (and not just council people).

>> * Use-cases - we announced this a while back, but haven't actually spent
>> the time gathering use-cases from developers & building up a knowledge
>> base which could be useful
> What kind of thing do you have in mind? High-level user profiles for "typical" Maemo users, and their use-cases? i.e. to encourage developers to think about offline usage, proxy support etc?

Let me dig up the original call:

>> * Meego documentation boot-strap: organising a Meego wiki editor team,
>> pushing forward documentation licencing discussions (GFDL vs CC by-sa,
>> looks like that one's going to rear its ugly head), start defining the
>> structure of the Meego developer guide with what we have available now...
> Definitely the licence situation needs to sorted. Similarly, there's
> a lot of cruft around T&Cs, trademark and other meta-stuff on maemo.org
> which could do with being reviewed.
> The only big task I can really think of is really sorting out the
> various Maemo docs, reference materials and so on across different
> versions. Too often I'll Google for something and end up in Maemo 3.x
> documentation. I know that's not very specific :)

Do you have any suggestions for models we should follow? Can we, for
example, dump Maemo 3.x docs completely at this stage if they're no
longer relevant for Maemo >= 4?


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