[maemo-community] new docs to be imported to the mameo.org wiki

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Apr 21 22:44:12 EEST 2010

Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com wrote:
>> As I mentioned I don't have root on wiki.maemo.org and to be honest
>> your recommendation for importing things directly into a live mediawiki
>> makes me uncomfortable.
> I see no difference in my approach (import directly from MadiaWiki format to the maemo.org) and your approach (import somewhere else, export, import to maemo.org).

The difference is between using "custom" tools and using the ones
distributed officially by MediaWiki. You are asking me to trust that the
Maemo tools work perfectly, no risk of page corruption, lost history,
etc. You don't see why that might make me a little nervous?

> Maemo Info Center has the latest versions of all documents we have
> published there (http://library.maemodocs.nokia.com/documents).

I assume I have to take the docs in the Fremantle directory containing
"Maemo 5 tutorials" and "Maemo 5 QT documentation"?

> Maemo.org wiki now has older versions (PreFinal versions from here
> (http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/maemo-dev-env-downloads.php) that need to
> be updated to be in sync with Info Center.

Do you know how to update these files?

> When you are ready to update maemo.rog wiki I can send to you
> prebuilt MediaWiki import versions of all documents so that you do not need to
> install our doc infra to generate those. Just send me an email
> requesting it.

Just to clear up my confusion, could you point me to the most recent
wikipedia version of the documentation you want me to upload?


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