[maemo-community] new docs to be imported to the mameo.org wiki

From: Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com
Date: Tue Apr 27 13:17:40 EEST 2010

Once more :)

> Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 11:02:17 +0200
> From: Dave Neary <dneary at maemo.org>
> Subject: Re: new docs to be imported to the mameo.org wiki
> To: List for community development <maemo-community at maemo.org>
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> Hi Jarmo,
> Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com wrote:
> > All documents are already available for download from Maemo Info
> Center. I used this Maemo development environment downloads page to
> release PreFinal document versions only because I did not have Info
> Center yet ready for publishing them.
> I'm sorry Jarmo, but with your various messages, I'm still confused as
> to the location of the files I'm supposed to download & get into the
> wiki.
> What are the links to the source files which I can import into the
> wiki, and what steps must I follow to do it, please?

I sent you those Dropbox links for the LaTex and wikified versions of already published documents and you answered that you successfully downloaded those files so I removed links. 

Use that maemodoc-baseline-wiki_w14-1.zip file when importing to the maemo.org MediaWiki.

Use this toolchain to do the actual import 

Use instructions from inside that toolchain or this readme 

> Do I have to download LaTeX and use a conversion tool before importing,
> or are there Mediawiki pages of the latest versions of documents
> available for download?

You can use that LaTeX baseline (file maemodoc-baseline_w14-1.zip ) and toolchain to regenerate all output formats including wiki import format but you do not need to do that as I provided wikified versions in maemodoc-baseline-wiki_w14-1.zip file for you.

> > I will remove those PreFinal versions from tablets-dev site downloads
> as soon as I have also Hildon UI and UI Widget guides released (full
> set of Fremantle docs) in Info Center.
> I think that's wise.

Daniel just said he will do it shortly.

> > I plan to continue delivering documentation toolchain from tablets-
> dev site or should I deliver also toolchain from Info Center together
> with actual documents and baseline?
> We definitely need documentation for the use of the toolchain & the
> process for importing & exporting from the wiki, I don't have any
> problem with the toolchain being available for download from
> tablets-dev, as long as the tools and their usage are explained
> somewhere in the wiki.

See readme file from toolchain installation or from downloads page itself

If any problems write bug reports or send me an email.

> Cheers,
> Dave.
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> maemo.org docsmaster
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