[maemo-community] Announcing timeline for March 2010 Community Council elections

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Feb 10 21:25:31 EET 2010

Quick karma-related follow-up:

Dave Neary wrote:
>     * March 2: Deadline for karma for electorate
>     * March 2: List of potential candidates published

There are a couple of outstanding karma related bugs:

Karma doesn't seem to be updating at the moment:

This was supposed to be added to the sprint page this moth and assigned
to Henri, but it isn't in there, so I thought I should bring it up here,
so that it doesn't get lost.

Also, there are a number of proposed changes to karma - are they going
to be included in this month's sprint too? I understood that they were,
but again, no sprint task.

The March 2 deadline (which coincidentally is also the next sprint
meeting) is a hard deadline for both of those, if that's the case.


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