[maemo-community] Moblin + Maemo = MeeGo. Impact on Council?

From: quim.gil at nokia.com quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Mon Feb 15 23:23:59 EET 2010

>                 1. The council maybe a moot point; especially since based on
> what
> I've read Nokia didn't bother to even inform the council of the coming
> changes.

Can you please share the URLs of what you have read? Valerio (chairman of the council) was briefed under NDA last week. That is all we could do under the strictly confidential conditions prior to the launch. 

>  How can Nokia profess to be all about the community when it
> totally left the entire community and the council out of everything?     

By keeping all the community related items open and untouched before the launch. By kickstarting the community discussion right after the launch.

The community hasn't been left out of anything community related. There is a before and an after a launch. If we would have briefed the Maemo community about MeeGo a month ago and that would have been the (soft) launch. 

The marketing approach was different: a surprise launch together with a joint Nokia/Intel keynote in the first day of the Mobile World Congress with a room full of journalists. Maybe not the ideal setting for community transparency but definitely a good launch in terms of buzz and repercusion. Who from us would have expected this media coverage about Maemo a year ago?

>                 2. Other than Intel & Nokia who else is part of the MeeGo group?

The Linux Foundation? You? 

It has been launched today. Wait and see. There is no legal organization and no membership fee. Whoever contributes to MeeGo becomes part of the project.

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> Tabula rasa.   :)
> There are some questions that you should ask yourselves. Thing of MeeGo
> as
> the Maemo many of you wanted: completely free operating system running
> on
> many kinds of devices from Nokia and others.
> The nature and purpose of the Council changes in such context:
> - There is no single company owning a stack to interact with. Nokia is
> now
> *really* a community member. A big one, but not the single provider it
> was
> in the Maemo context. What is the role of an elected community council
> in a
> context of working groups and technical steering committee? Don't expect
> an
> answer from "MeeGo". If you want to have a place in MeeGo then you are
> MeeGo
> as well, and such answer must come from you in the first place.
> - What is actually the scope of the Maemo community? Developers only?
> Plus
> free software enthusiasts? Or also pure end users? Try to imagine the
> MeeGo
> community the day we have several devices and a bunch of free and
> commercial
> applications out there. Who will the community council represent? Who do
> you
> will to represent? Who makes the MeeGo community you wish?
> - Who can vote? Who can be elected? Do you want to move the karma system
> forward to MeeGo? It has been a while since we start it in maemo.org.
> Time
> for a revision? What is good, what is bad about it? Again, don't expect
> the
> MeeGo technical steering group to come up with an answer. The proposal
> comes
> from you in the first place.
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> Quim Gil
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