[maemo-community] [Council] maemo.org council: intent to run again for 2010

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Thu Feb 18 22:27:06 EET 2010
Greetings Maemo community!  For Moblin folks with no current maemo.org
ties this is mostly an FYI (although I encourage you to engage in the
process if you are interested).

I was going to hold off on this announcement but given the high demand
for guidance vis-a-vis the Maemo-Moblin-MeeGo transformation I felt it
would be a good idea to announce my candidacy for re-election along with
my intentions (platform).

As many on the Maemo side know I was originally involved with the Maemo
devices as a Nokia factory QA engineer and in 2009 transitioned into more
of a community-support role when my Nokia position was eliminated.

I will list my recent efforts, new projects and future plans as follows:

Recent Efforts

As a council member I championed the welcoming of new members and rolled
out a volunteer program called Maemo Greeters with a very simple goal:
ask members to include helpful links in their talk.maemo.org signatures,
thus easily propogating helpful info throughout the forum.  The program
was more successful than I had even imagined, growing through user
suggestions to include multiple languages and a variety of resources and
approaches.  I see value in continuing this at MeeGo.

Another initiative was Community Outreach.  With the guidance of the
maemo.org community I developed flyers and began reaching out to
user/developer/enthusist groups who would potentially have interest. 
Along with Ed Page and Andrew Black (and input from others as well), we
began working on outreach policies, procedures and budget.  I believe
this is also important to continue for MeeGo.

I have also been a strong advocate for the community device owners,
successfully working with Nokia to resolve a quality issue with micro USB
connectors coming out of N900s.  I will continue to use my blog as a
fact-based pulpit for user advocacy.

New Projects

One item I think has paramount importance is Bugzilla.  It's critical to
make sure the MeeGo bug tracking structure supports the various needs a
multi-device OS platform will encounter.  Nokia Pilots has a very rich
and robust tracking system and my hope is that we will be allowed to
benchmark against it and possibly even duplicate its structure if that
proves to have merit.  I have volunteered to participate in this effort.

Following that, I have been putting together a presentation for getting
feedback mechanisms of various types onto Maemo devices, including a bug
reporting wizard.  I believe this should be carried into MeeGo and am
refactoring my presentation accordingly.

I would also like to take the lessons learned (especially my own) from
maemo.org Brainstorm for creation of a similar but better system for

Future Plans

I see the creation of a discussion forum as a great need.  Just as we
created new email lists for MeeGo as opposed to renaming or reusing
maemo.org lists, I believe we should create an entirely new forum that
reflects this "reboot".  Yes that will be hectic for those who will "live
in both worlds" for a while but I am uncomfortable with plopping a huge
legacy forum on top of the incoming Moblin contingent.  Let's all start
into this on equal footing!

I also plan to learn QT + Python development to better understand the
needs of developers (as well as for personal growth).


My belief is that almost every user is a potential
developer/designer/tester/evangelist/etc and should be approached in that
spirit.  They need to feel instantly welcomed in any community with which
they identify.  Making MeeGo's goals and infrastructure clear and open is
foremost among my interests.  I wlll continue working tirelessly to be a
face of and for the community.  I will be approachable and sympathetic to
sincere constructive criticism.


Please see these discussions at talk.maemo.org for voting details:


I'm nervous about this big advent but excited too.  I intend to do what I
can to make the change positive.  Thanks for your vote!

Randall (Randy) Arnold
maemo.org community council

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