[maemo-community] Template to all articles that are tagged to category power users

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Feb 22 10:44:48 EET 2010

Timo Pelkonen wrote:
> I had an idea that every power users -article should have a notification
> box that warns people from possible dangers. Something I came up quickly
> can be found at: http://wiki.maemo.org/Free_up_rootfs_space
> It just crossed my mind that people have difficulties reading wiki pages
> alltogether so how should they manage to know with that knowledge that
> power users articles are potentially dangerous. I admit, I have
> underestimated stupidity of N900 users.
> Is this good idea? if it is, is there better way to implement it than
> copypasting manually?

Perhaps not for all pages - for example, the "Tear" page doesn't appear
to menace any data or ask you to do anything risky, nor does
"Customizing Maemo" for the most part, but there's definitely a need to
warn people sometimes.

I extracted the header of the "Free up rootfs space" page (which could
do with a name-change, perhaps?) and put it in "Template:Danger" - to be
included in all pages that ask the user to do anything which, if they
don't do it right, could endanger the correct functioning or personal
data of the user's device.


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