[maemo-community] Moblin + Maemo = MeeGo. Impact on Council?

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Feb 22 21:12:21 EET 2010

Kathy Smith wrote:
> Haven't been able to read up in full - the t.m.o page was getting such a
> hammering I couldn't load it. But an immediate thought is that this
> needs a council who are 100% behind the merger and who have the
> leadership skills to steer the maemo community wisely.

My first thought is that there is a technical steering committee which
will make some of the platform decisions which haven't been very
transparent up until now more so; and the community will have the same
role to play as it currently does in Maemo, developing the platform &
applications for it, calling the Big Bad Companies when their natural
instincts are to go back into the old ways of working, and pressure them
to leave more entry points for willing external contributors.

An additional point as food for thought: right now, the MeeGo community
is so much smaller than the Maemo community that the workload would
probably be drastically lower ;) Alternatively, to look at it in another
way, there's so much to do to make MeeGo an attractive alternative to
Maemo that the workload will be higher.

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