[maemo-community] New HAM CLI icon

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Thu Jan 28 22:25:51 EET 2010

I created a new HAM CLI icon/badge. This time, as you'll see, I went 
super-subtle. Check it out here:


Be sure to view the "sample" image to see how it would look in the HAM.

I created this because it seemed that the "puzzle" icon I made wasn't 
very well loved (although I think it looks pretty good, as used on 
Andrew's TinyFugue app). But, anyway, disliking the icon fine, of course.

The next option -- if this one gets the same response -- will be to make 
a Web 2.0 style star burst badge. After that, someone else will have to 
give it a go, or we'll have to approach the idea again at the next 
Sprint meeting.


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