[maemo-community] Council nomination: Andrea Grandi

From: Andrea Grandi a.grandi at gmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 9 18:14:26 EET 2010

my name is Andrea Grandi, from Italy. Most of you probably already
know me, but I'll introduce myself for people who joined later.

I'm a computer science student at Università degli Studi di Firenze
and I've worked in the past as software developer for some companies.
I also lead the Linux user group of my city (PtLUG), and for this
reason my programming interests are directed to opensource
Working for PtLUG I've also gained a lot of experience about how to
relate to a community and how to organize events.

Past and present in Maemo Community

I joined the Maemo Community since the first Maemo device was out
(Nokia 770) and I've been always so excited for being able to
contribute to this project.
In the past I've attended at both Maemo Summit doing a short talk.
During last summer I collaborated with PyMaemo team during a stage at
Igalia and at the moment I'm developing a couple of applications using
Python and Qt.

Areas where I could help in the council

In the Maemo Council I could help mainly for two things. First of all
I could help for the organization of the events. Finding a strategic
place to organize an event and selecting interesting contents to
attract more people is not an easy task. I think that there are still
some areas where we can work better to give to the Community a better
Being a developer too I think I could help improving tools that Maemo
developers use. For example a lot of work could be done to improve the
Maemo Garage (did you notice that main Maemo project have their code
in Gitorius, mailing list on Maemo Garage, website on another hosting
service ecc...... ?!).

What I would like to do in the Council

- Maemo(MeeGo) Summit organization: as I already said, there are some
areas that we could improve and I'm going to work in this direction.
- Promoting developers contests: a nice way to attract developers is
challenging them. We could organize a contest and I'm sure that a lot
of interesting applications could be created by community.
- Improving the "getting started" part of all areas: I've noticed that
for a new developers or users has never been easy to find where to
start from. I think that a lot could be done to improve this.

Of course I've also other ideas for the Community, but first of all
let's see how this Maemo+Moblin fusion will evolve. We are no more
just "Maemo" now, we are a larger community so I think it's better to
start as soon as possible working together to create the best
community ever :)


Andrea Grandi
email: a.grandi [AT] gmail [DOT] com
website: http://www.andreagrandi.it
PGP Key: http://www.andreagrandi.it/pgp_key.asc
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