[maemo-community] Council nomination: Cosimo Kroll (zehjotkah)

From: Cosimo Kroll zehjotkah at googlemail.com
Date: Mon Mar 15 20:26:32 EET 2010
Hi again!
Before I'm going to answer the questions I want to introduce myself.
My real name is Cosimo Kroll. I'm 20 years old.
Currently I'm a trainee to be a wholesaler and export clark. I speak
fluently german, spanish, portuguese and english, and a very little bit
patois (jamaican english).
After that (in january) I will start up my own company.
I fell in love with linux, when I was 10 years old. In 2007 then I was
searching a new mobile device (after my love for mobile device was born and
I was in the situation to buy everything I wanted because of some importing
business I've done beside high-school) and a requirement was linux on it. So
I bought the N810 in early 2008. I had to learn very much and I'm still
learning. The community was very helpful and I decided to give that back. I
startet my blog, but then something happened in my private life, so that I
hadn't time for that anymore. After that was resolved the N900 was nearly
annouced. I got that and restartet my blog and youtube-channel, on which I
provide video-reviews and how-tos.
I see myself as an interface between the average user and the
developers/advanced user, because I understand, what developers/advanced
users say, and can translate this into simple language. I can't code myself,
so this is the best way to help the community in my opinion.
Now to the questions.

Sprint process
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> This is the main organised point of contact between Nokia, the paid
> contributors and the community, however the maemo.org sprint process
> is quite heavy for volunteers and it often seems to be a checklist
> affair; rather than a collaborative planning exercise.
> 1) Do you see any flaws in it, and how do you think it can be improved?

Yes, I see some flaws. I think it's a bit cunfusing because of it's size.
I think every sprint should have it's own project site. In a overview every
sprint should be shown in order of it's activity.
But I like the color-coding.

> 2) What are your thoughts on ongoing communication during the sprint?

To be honest, I wasn't involved in a sprint yet, so I can't really comment
on that. But I think that communication is the most important thing!

> MeeGo
> ~~~~~
> MeeGo is, IMHO, the single biggest thing to happen to Maemo since the
> 770. In many ways, it's the opening up of the design processes that
> many of us have wanted in Maemo for so long. As Maemo as an operating
> system disappears, this will have a big effect on the community.
> 3) As we move from "day zero" to "day one", what do you think the
> priorities for the MeeGo community should be?

Show everyone how exiting meego is, and what possibilities we have with
Based of how you define "day one" there are different priorities.
day one as release of linux foundations meego: have a transparent developing
overview, get the community involved.
day one as release of the first meego-based NOKIA device: prepare everything
for the masses of new users.

> 4) Should leaders in the MeeGo community (whether from a Moblin or
> Maemo background) try to move the existing communities with them to
> form the MeeGo community; or should a new community form around the
> operating system and its devices?

 A big community is a strong one, if the management is good. We can't
prevent divided communities, or more than one site for the community. But we
should take care, that the real action take place in the most official one
community, ours..
We can achieve that by providing rewards based on the Karma system. We also
need more talented moderators like Flandry, who is doing a very good job. A
example that we need more mods can be seen in Quim. He has so much to do in
his job, but he comes often to tmo for his moderator job. But he can't to
But sometimes one site for everything isn't useful. For example if there
will be a washing machine running meego. There must be at least a subforum
for this washing machine. So everyone have the right place for his/her

> 4a) If yes, what steps should be taken to prevent overreactions and
> allegations of "take over" that happened when internettablettalk.com's
> theme changed to match the rest of maemo.org?
> There should be an official threads where decisions will be posted.
Sometimes decisions have to be made with which not everyone is happy, like
the so called "take over".
The communication to the community must be very transparent. For example
server movings must be openly planned and announced well in advance. Nokia
have to warn some responsible persons before important annoucments and so

> 4b) If no, how do you see the relationship between the Maemo community
> which has been "left behind" and the MeeGo community? How does the
> Maemo community stay vibrant if large portions are moving on to
> Maemo's successor, or drifting away to other mobile platforms?

In german there is a saying: "Handel ist Wandel" which means "trading is
changing". Everything is changing, new users are coming and old users are
going. In my opinion many users are proud of being a dot org. But as meego 1
will be harmattan and maybe running on the same hardware as maemo, we must
stay at the same community. The users need to understand that meego is just
a different name, and for them nothing bad will happen. They will not be

> 5) What are your thoughts about existing maemo.org resources (such as
> Extras, auto-builder, Bugzilla) as Nokia, and the paid contributors,
> look to the future?

These are very useful and should be maintained. Especially bugzilla.

> Community
> ~~~~~~~~~
> 6) How can we encourage more, and higher quality, applications for
> Maemo - and specifically through Extras?

Rewards based on Karma. Free advertising for useful applications.
Application of the month/week/day rewards. Karma based on useful updates and
bugfixes for existing applications. A transparent Q&A process. Sponsored

> Thanks for your time in answering these questions. Your answers are
> much appreciated.

My goal is to provide a united community with different language support.
It's so much easyer if someone of your native language is helping you.
Especially when there will be new users who had never contact with
linux/maemo. Also we have to make it possible that there is a really easy
way to help, taking part in the community for example in bugzilla. And again
with rewards like user of the month, developer of the month, newbie of the

That was all I had time for at the moment.

Sorry for mistakes ,-)

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