[maemo-community] A 'red thread' through MeeGo Conference proposals

From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Sat Sep 4 23:25:53 EEST 2010
Hello all,

For Maemo Summit 2009, stskeeps brought up the subject of continuity and
commonality between talks and workshops (qole and timsamoff also
contributed heavily to the brainstorming).

I'd also like to kick off a similar dialog for the MeeGo Conference
2010.  It may help the judges decide on proposals to accept and ensure a
high degree of connectivity and collaboration for the conference while
reducing redundancy.

One typical goal is to look at themes (tracks) and see which proposals
best fit in and address the subject(s) at the proper level-- not too
high, not too detailed.  The next is to look at 'connective tissue'.

I've gone through the list [1] and seen many talks that could be
consolidated.  The risk there is that someone gets left out.  For the
last Linux Foundation Conference I had suggested that in cases like this,
consideration be given to asking presentation/BoF proposers if they would
consider combining into a single talk/BoF and collaborating.  I think
this idea has merit for the MeeGo Conference as well.

This doesn't have to be completely top-down, either-- I challenge
proposers to go through the list, identify proposals similar to theirs,
and reach out to the other proposers for collaboration.  For instance, my
proposed brainstorm on implementing feedback mechanisms [2] is meant to
be done panel-style and a few more panelists are welcome.  I don't even
mind stepping aside as facilitator in the event that someone better
suited is interested, or joining a similar BoF as supporter..

So let's set ego aside and in the spirit of community collaboration,
start communicating with "competitors".


Randall (Randy) Arnold
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[1] http://conference2010.meego.com/program/sessions

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