[maemo-community] Council nomination: Felipe Crochik

From: Felipe Crochik felipe at crochik.com
Date: Wed Sep 8 18:17:45 EEST 2010
I don’t expect anybody to vote for me with so many good and well known
candidates but I have had such a good experience with this community that I
would like to get more involved with it. 


All the community/open source experience I have I own to this community.  I
am an independent software developer and started writing software long ago
when the “new kids on the block” were talking about windows.


I own an n800 and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the n900 after I heard
about it. I have to say that got disappointed but finding this community has
made all the difference.


One common complaint I hear about maemo is the supposedly small number of
applications. While I don’t agree this is necessary true, it is clear that
maemo has failed to attract “commercial” applications. I don’t see why an
“open platform” based on open source has necessary to scare off “commercial”
applications. One common subject among consumers is how the n900 compares to
android and the iphone – the applications available always end up being the
most important maemo disadvantage. Also, how many times have you read about
how bad/useless the “ovi” store is for maemo? 


It is obvious that the hardware will not evolve but the software can. We may
get a chance or two to update the OS with “plain vanilla meego” but
eventually that will also stop. I believe that the ability to get new
applications to be the most important aspect of keeping our
devices/community alive. We must make sure that Qt and Qt Mobility packages
will continue to evolve/exist on the n900, I would even say that we have to
invest on getting the latest qt back ported to the Diablo as well – n800
owners are a big part of this community. 


More important than my candidacy I would like to offer some questions for
the candidates and future council:

- Is meego a “suitable” replacement for the maemo community? We have debian
but there is also the ubuntu community. All this assuming that at some point
it will make sense to replace fremantle with some meego flavor.  

- Can we find sponsors for the maemo so we can continue to exist? Can’t we
talk Nokia into making maemo the house for the new nokia “meego” devices? I
am quite sure Nokia will also have a “meego by nokia community” of some

- Can we figure out some model where the device owners will contribute money
so their devices don’t get obsolete? Anybody that had to pay for the device
will probably not mind paying to get better/more software. Maybe bringing
somehow the “ovi store for the n900” to the maemo community will be enough
to justify maintaining it. 

- Unrelated but important: Security and Privacy. Shouldn’t this be an
important issue? How can we just ignore all the current vulnerabilities? 


My name is Felipe Crochik, I was born in Brazil and live in the U.S.  I have
created MyContacts (http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=57162), WakeOnLan
(http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=52058), ported (and enhanced) Macuco
(http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=51487) and tried to help other
developers with my experience. 


If there is any room for a “fresh/green” candidate I believe my experience
with “consumer software” development can be useful to the community as the
“community experience” has been very useful to me.


I hope my ignorance will help bring some new arguments/ideas to the table.
Please forgive me for being so “naïve”.



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