[maemo-community] My maemo.org community council nominations

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Wed Sep 8 19:44:25 EEST 2010
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> Put simply, I wouldn't vote for me,
> so why would I expect anyone else to!

However modest you want to be, we need as much good talent as we can get from as varied of backgrounds as possible, and you're one of the best from the average-joe contributor demographic.

End-users (I hate that term) are likely to be a big sticking point in MeeGo as we start to see devices released. Project management seems to be in favor of keeping them out of meego.com, but without the atmosphere of collaboration and comingling that exists on maemo.org today (and itT back in the day), most of us wouldn't be here today. I think we need an advocate for that atmosphere in MeeGo moving forward and I think we need someone on the council to represent it.

Whatever your excuses about knowledge and experience, part of the reason we picked 5 was to ensure everyone on the council didn't need to know everything about everythng. Your background will help the council form a more complete picture, and will help ensure all types of contributors get the representation they deserve.

All I hear are a lot of lame excuses, Kathy, so quit it and standy already! :)

Ryan Abel
Maemo Community Council member
On N900
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