[maemo-community] Council nominations: Kathy Smith

From: Kathy Smith kathy at revdkathy.com
Date: Wed Sep 8 22:44:50 EEST 2010
After a great deal of consideration, and a LOT of persuasion on this list, twitter, IRC and even the phone, I'd like to rescind my rejection and accept Texrat's nomination, if that's permitted.

I'm still very unconvinced about my usefulness to the Council, but since others seem to think I can be of value, I'm prepared to try my best if that's what people want. 

Please understand, I have limited knowledge of modern business practices, though I did work for many years in organisations almost entirely run by volunteers, so  have some idea how volunteer communities work. But I don't have the first clue of the modern 'business speak'. 
Equally, I have no experience of coding - I can just about knock up a page of html, and that's my limit!

So what do I bring?

Enthusiasm a-plenty
Willingness to have a go - at most things, including technical stuff with a bit of support
Concern for the 'average bears' in comunity, which doesn't mean the outspoken angry people demanding stuff on principle, but people who're trying to get the best out of their device with limited tech skills.
People and communication skills - including presentation skills if you ever need them, and English language skills.
Commitment to bridging maemo and meego - and a determination that us bears of very little brain will still have our own corner in meego somewhere.

If any of that can be of use for the next 6 months, I'll stand.

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