[maemo-community] Maemo community meeting (with maemo.org team) Thursday 16, 12:00 UTC

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Fri Sep 17 01:36:18 EEST 2010
Minutes and actions are below. The full logs are at:


Key participants (* == received action):
  * Andrew Flegg      (Jaffa)*
  * Tero Kojo         (tekojo)*
  * Niels Breet       (X-Fade)*
  * Andre Klapper     (andre_)*
  * Dave Neary        (dneary)
  * Reggie Suplido    (rsuplido)
  * Henri Bergius     (bergie)*
  * Ferenc Szekely    (ferenc)
  * Alexey Zakhlestin (JimiDini)
  * Daniel Wilms      (danielwilms)*

Also present and participating:
  * David Greaves     (lbt)
  * Gary Birkett      (lcuk)
  * Attila Csipa      (achipa)
  * Andrea Grandi     (andy80)
  * Tom Swindell      (alterego)
  * Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer)

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 11:13, Andrew Flegg <andrew at bleb.org> wrote:
> The agenda [was]:
>  1) Overview of current paid resources for maemo.org, and
>     current thoughts on roadmap/future (Tero Kojo)

Key points @ http://bit.ly/9pFsD2 :
  * "maemo.org will still be there for the community"
  * Nokia budgeting is done mid-year and year-end, so long term
    definite commitments are hard.
  * Currently Andre & Niels are effectively full time (with Maemo
    and MeeGo work); Dave is 50h/month; Nemein (via Henri)
    provide about one man month per month for their maintenance
    contact. Reggie looks after Talk, but with no specific
    number of hours per month.

Actions: none.

>  2) Overview of Brainstorm roadmap progress[1] & current status:
>       * Introduction (Community Council rep)
> [1] http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-community/2010-June/004345.html

Key points @ http://bit.ly/cxtAz1 :
  * Comms following Brainstorm have been poor, but summer holidays
    and contract renegotiations between Nemein and Nokia caused
    some delays.

Actions: none.

>       * SSO (Tero/Niels)

Key points @ http://bit.ly/9ZHkBS :
  * No work progressed, despite being community's higest priority.
  * Account merging is a hard problem.

  * bergie: come up with draft SSO plan and scheduling (by

>       * Garage (Ferenc)

Key points @ http://bit.ly/dpyxqD :

  * MeeGo doesn't seem to be coming up with anything similar,
    instead using upstream services.

  * Jaffa: feed "Garage facelift" and "best Garage alternatives doc"
    into community prioritisation system. Latter can be done by anyone
    in the community (by 2010-10-01, depends on community
    prioritisation system)

>       * Packages & Downloads (Niels)

Key points @ http://bit.ly/d3fZpU :
  * Progress on merging back-end of Downloads and Packages has
    been made.
  * OBS for fremantle works for everything which doesn't use Qt
    due to Scratchboxisms in those packages.

  * bergie: produce wiki page documenting usage of OCS APIs
    (by 2010-10-08)
  * X-Fade: to put a list of problem packages on the wiki (by
  * X-Fade: provide accounts to lcuk & achipa to help sort out
    remaining packages (by 2010-10-08)
  * bergie: come up with problem statement, suggested requirements
    and possible technical approach for Donations framework for
    discussion on maemo-developers (by 2010-10-15)
  * danielwilms: summarise current position of appinstaller in
    the wiki as a basis for further work (by 2010-10-15)
  * Jaffa: add templates for new Packages/Downloads interface to
    community activity list; can be done by anyone (by
    2010-10-01, depends on community prioritisation system)

>       * Bugzilla (Andre)

Key points @ http://bit.ly/aE9xgc :
  * Bugzilla 3.4 test instance is up and running.
  * Some blockers have been identified. David King (amigadave)
    is going to finish these off.
  * Go live can be done in a day, with planning.

  * andre__: draft a blog post for the council, or write a
    blog post which the council will plug to encourage more
    testing, so that we can have confidence with go-live
    (by 2010-10-01)

>       * Wiki (Dave)

Key points @ http://bit.ly/aX9zm9 :
  * Lots of tidy-up completed.
  * OS-based categorisation is now BAU.
  * Dave will be working 70h/month for the rest of the year to make
    up time from July/August.

Actions: none

>       * Planet & News (Henri)

Key points @ http://bit.ly/dposaQ (follows #3 due to tekojo's commitments):
  * Nothing concrete for the reasons stated earlier.
  * Some background work been done.
  * Roll out will coincide with same system on meego.com,
    which is dependent on MeeGo server move.

  * bergie: outline rough plan, blockers and other issues
    for planned work on wiki, and communicate on maemo-community
    (by 2010-10-15)

>       * Talk (Reggie)

Key points @ http://bit.ly/cmYnUk (follows #3 due to tekojo's commitments):
  * SSO blocked on earlier task.
  * bergie has a system which may allow forum<->email integration
    with less CPU overhead, meaning feature isn't dependent on
    MeeGo server move.
  * RSS feed per thread is relatively easy.

  * bergie: start a thread (probably on TMO) about the new approach
    to see if there's scope for community involvement, rather than
    needing time within the paid budget (by 2010-10-01)

>  3) Discussion around community handover of maemo.org

Key points @ http://bit.ly/cNQS9N :
  * Nokia wants to give complete control of maemo.org to the community.
  * Nemein will, in accordance with Finnish law, act as the legal
  * Work will be prioritised by the Council, on behalf of the community.
  * Nokia will go through the same process to get work done.
  * ISPs manage up to the Apache level, everything above that is
    managed by maemo.org team.
  * This does not affect any trademarks.

  * tekojo: to work with the council to start discussions on maemo-
    community about what this means; community prioritisation
    process and work feedback from the paid team.

>  4) Next steps (Community Council rep)

Key points @ http://bit.ly/dn91qI : none.

  * Jaffa: produce minutes & circulate, to get confirmation on due
    dates and actions.

>  5) AOB

Key points @ http://bit.ly/a3Ad4r :
  * The current election is an important one: the next term will
    be increasingly dealing with MeeGo, and the community ownership
    of maemo.org.
  * The chair wishes to thank the current council members: Ryan,
    Randall, Javier and Attila for their hard work this term.
  * The chair wishes all the candidates in this election good luck.

  * ALL: Encourage people to vote in the election, linking to the URL:


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