[maemo-community] Voting tokens going out tomorrow

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Sep 17 14:24:26 EEST 2010

Tuomo Tanskanen wrote:
> If I add one more "me too", we can probably conclude that a glitch happened and tokens should be remailed to everyone.

Thanks to someone who mailed me some mail logs, I got to the bottom of
the issue: some mail servers reject mail if the "Sender" or
"Return-path" headers are from hosts that they can't resolve. In this
case, the sender was set to "dneary at wml0223.maemo.org" which is the mail
host behind the maemo.org firewall, and thus doesn't get resolved.

I will be reissuing tokens to everyone who has not yet voted (and taking
advantage of the opportunity to delete tokens for duplicate emails) in
the next few minutes.


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