[maemo-community] My council election standing

From: Robin Burchell viroteck at viroteck.net
Date: Sat Sep 18 21:03:35 EEST 2010
Hi all,

As many of you may know, I stood for council in the current elections.

It was a spur of the moment decision, partly based on the (at the
time) lack of candidates in what I consider an important time, but
also due to my feelings on what I consider to be many key issues.

However.. taking decisions on the spur of the moment often has
consequences, and it certainly did in this case.

In particular, I neglected to read
http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_Council/Election_process - point #6 to
be exact.

You see, as some of you will probably know, I am employed by Collabora
Ltd. Amongst Collabora's clients is Nokia.

It was pointed out by a close friend of mine that I hadn't declared
this when I stood, so I consulted Dave this afternoon about this
issue, and as a result, my candidacy has been removed from
consideration - I am no longer in the running as a candidate, and any
votes I recieve will automatically be transferred to the next. (I
don't know the full details of how this works. Dave?)

I'd like to note three things now that the cat is out of the bag:
 - I am perfectly happy with being out of the running.
   We have many fine candidates still in the running, and as such, I
am certain that the council will have a fine composition, regardless
of who wins.
 - I also did (no matter how slightly) break the rules, and as such, I
must face the consequences. :)
 - Let this be a lesson to you all: read the fine print!

Best of luck to all remaining candidates - and lastly, I'm sorry to
*you*, the community, for letting you down like this.

Finally: I'm on the road for the next day or so, so responses will be
extremely delayed until Sunday night at the earliest.

Robin Burchell
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