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From: Randall Arnold texrat at ovi.com
Date: Sat Sep 18 23:13:28 EEST 2010

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> Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 19:37:32 +0100

> At the end of the day, rules exist to provide guidelines for
> behaviour, and I feel that more important than the letter of the law,
> is the spirit of it - and that *spirit* is the one I violated: while I
> have listed Collabora on my maemo.org profile since pretty much when I
> started there, I didn't announce it publically. I may be following
> them to the letter (hey, it's announced, right?) but not the spirit: I
> didn't announce it on my nomination.
> In the same spirit, while Dave may not technically be the right person
> to make that decision, I *do* personally feel that he has made the
> correct call - though of course if you (and the rest of the
> council/Quim, or something) decide that I should stay in, I will
> respect that decision.
> Either way, I'd like to emphasise that I agree with Dave, and that I
> don't think he deserves blame for his actions.

This is a tough one, and rather unfortunate.  I think there's a lot of grey in the mix and certainly no "villains".

In the end I have to agree completely with Robin's words above and suggest they be the final ones on *this* instance, and if the incoming council deems it necessary to strengthen and/or clarify the requirements in any way then fine and let's move on.  But if I am to suggest anything in that regard, it would be to offer that maybe we only concern ourselves with Nokia employees and *direct* contractors since the subject of involvement can be a slippery slope.

I believe Robin is an excellent candidate but the very things that make him so don't go away because of a candidacy declaration goof.  He's been a high contributor for some time and I look forward to that continuing.


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