[maemo-community] Prioritising community work

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Mon Sep 20 18:17:17 EEST 2010

With the handover of *complete* control of the maemo.org resources, an
improved planning and execution process would seem to be needed.

  * Council acts as gatekeeper for project items from community.
  * Bugs are fixed as BAU (business-as-usual)
  * Time is split between BAU work and project items.
  * Mechanism for community to get involved in line items
    where appropriate.

Obviously, prioritising everything in Bugzilla - or that could
possibly be done - is impossible. So, how about fleshing something out
along the following lines...

  * A URL can be visited which shows the community priorities.
  * A URL can be visited which shows the aspects of the
    community priorities which can be worked on by anyone.
  * A URL can be visited which shows the status of the
  * A mechanism so that people can subscribe to items of
  * Manual maintenance of tables (such as in the wiki)
    reduced by automation.

  * Use Bugzilla.
  * Use existing components & projects.
  * Use a label for "community_priority"
  * Use a label for "community_actionable"
  * Link to both prominently from various locations

Outstanding questions
  * How does stuff get in there with the council acting
    as gatekeeper? Can the keywords be used only by
    certain people?
  * How does the council come up with new stuff? Any formal
    process or just lobby your local council member?
  * Is the priority within Bugzilla represent the community
    priority, or just the priority of it within the overall
  * How, and how frequently, do the overall priorities get
    reviewed? Monthly meeting?
  * Can, and should, the items have a due date given to them
    once assigned, representing the estimated completion date?

Thoughts welcome. Hopefully this will improve communication, and give
us a prioritisation process with low overhead and good deliverables.

Thanks in advance,


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Maemo Community Council chair
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