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>> Hi Tero,
>> Does the commitment to maintain maemo.org as long as possible also
>> extend to the "legacy" content on tablets-dev.nokia.com? As with
>> maemo.org[1], I'd request that as much notice as possible be given to
>> any fundamental changes in its use so that discussions over mirroring
>> the content can progress.
>Naturally we will be keeping tablets-dev up. From a maintenance point of view, it is a very small amount of >work to keep it going, so there is no reason to even think of shutting it at any time in the foreseeable >future. 
>Mirroring it's content isn't really up for discussion. As it also contains closed packages (you know the >various reasons) it is not ok to mirror. Of course if packages in there do come out from under problematic >license terms, we need to look at moving those parts.

Please do not mirror tables-dev site content because of that license approval required before download and because the content has already been "mirrored" to the Akamai cache servers.


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> Andrew
> [1] http://mg.pov.lt/maemo-meeting-irclog/%23maemo-meeting.2010-09-
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