[maemo-community] Dead N900?

From: Timo Pelkonen peltsip at gmail.com
Date: Wed Sep 22 10:36:39 EEST 2010
2010/9/21 John Sullivan <john at wjsullivan.net>

> So, my N900 got a few raindrops on it on Friday (really only a few, and
> I'm not actually sure this was the cause of the problem to follow). When
> I got home out of the rain, I put the phone on my table. It was still
> on, and functional. Then a few minutes later when I came back to look at
> it, it had turned itself off. Not thinking about water, I tried to turn
> it back on. It gets to the white and blue NOKIA screen, but then shuts
> off.
> Then it occurred to me that maybe it had gotten wet, so I left it sit
> out overnight with the battery out and the case open. Next morning it
> still did the same thing, so I took it apart and left it in a bag of
> rice (desperation). Same thing.
> So I tried charging it -- i goes to the gray screen, with the green
> light solid, and buzzes once every minute or couple. But won't turn on,
> either while connected to AC or after being disconnected.
> I reflashed it. It went into USB mode and seemed to accept the
> reflashing just fine, but still won't turn on.
> Any other magic tricks I can try before concluding something is wrong in
> hardware?
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It seems that only thing there could be wrong is the hardware.... If you
have the guts, open the device and see if there is oxidations or similars in
the board/components.

For the future: if you even suspect that water/moisture has entered the
internals of electronic device, remove battery asap and wait at least 24
hours letting it dry. Keeping device on is a mistake I've made too many
times but last time I learned from my mistake and my N900 didn't die even
when it got caught in horizontal summer rain.

Ossipena / Timo P
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