[maemo-community] Maemo Community Council Elections - provisional results

From: Kathy Smith kathy at revdkathy.com
Date: Fri Sep 24 10:36:47 EEST 2010
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> Excerpts from Dave Neary's message of Thu Sep 23 19:03:40 +0300 2010:
>> Congratulations to the incoming council members, who are:
>> Andrea Grandi (andy80), Tim Samoff (timsamoff), Andrew Flegg (Jaffa),
>> Kathy Smith (revdkathy), and Attila Csipa (achipa).
> Seconded. Well done, everyone! We've a very strong council, I think.
>> Regards,
>> Dave.
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Copied from my post at TMO:

Thank you. I've done some deep breathing and I'm good to go, now I'm over 
the shock.

A HUGE Thank you to the out-going council (though some of you are 
on-staying!) for steering us through a challenging six months. This bear 
will be glad of your advice and input any time you care to give it.

And thank you to those who voted for me - I'm honoured, flattered, and think 
you're all nuts.

So what happens next? Do we have a hand-over? Do I need to sign up to 
something? (More mailing lists?) Do I have to sign away my soul in blood?


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