[maemo-community] Maemo Council elected: and now?

From: Kathy Smith kathy at revdkathy.com
Date: Sat Sep 25 20:18:26 EEST 2010
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Subject: Maemo Council elected: and now?

> Hi all,
> now that maemo council elections are over and the new council member
> have been choosen, what do we have to do?
> Are there any formal things we have to do?
> I would suggest a very informal one: what about meeting on
> #maemo-council or wherever you want (I'm talking with the other 4
> people elected) and just talk 1 hour to know better each other?
> For example I already know Tim and Andrew but I don't know almost
> anything about Attila anche Katy. It would be nice to meet (at least
> virtually for the moment) and talk a bit to know each other :)
> What do you think about?
> Thanks! :)
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> Andrea Grandi - Nokia Qt Ambassador
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Hi Andrea,

I think that would be a really good idea. I feel very much the 'New Girl' at 
this, and would like to meet up with you all and get to know you. We're 
going to have to work closely together as a team, so the sooner we get a 
chance to build some connections and even trust, the better.

I work Monday to Friday 9-5 (more or less) in UST, and go out on Monday 
nights. I also do some Sundays... but  can arrange to be around with due 
notice any other eevening, most of Saturday and most of (most) Sundays. I 
can make odd lunch times on my n900 if my eyesight will let me!

When would be a good time for people? Is tomorrow evening too soon? Do we 
need any special permissions to access #maemo-council? I sent my details to 
Niels, but I suspect it was after he'd finished for the weekend.

Thanks for taking the initiative, too.


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