[maemo-community] Who can buy an N9?

From: Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Date: Tue Aug 9 22:12:49 EEST 2011
Attila Csipa on 08/09/2011 01:19 PM wrote:
> I believe that economic practice is called "Export" (why do Chinese vendors
> have m/billions of people working on products that are not sold in China ?).

This analogy is very poor in relation to the topic at hand.

I won't get into detail, as that is not the point of this thread, but I 
was interested in US citizens developing applications for MeeGo (which 
would include me).

 > Of course the actual feasibility depends on your business model (target
 > audience, marketing strategy, monetization technique, etc).

This is why your analogy is poor. Why doesn't the internet provider you 
use to send your e-mail with put a headquarters in the USA?
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