[maemo-community] My Perception of the Maemo/MeeGo Community

From: Michael Cronenworth mike at cchtml.com
Date: Sun Aug 14 11:16:41 EEST 2011
On 08/14/2011 02:24 AM, Timo Härkönen wrote:
> Anyway. Any community will have many very different people and there 
> will always be misunderstandings, etc. this is what happens in 
> communities.

Sure, this happens, but when misunderstandings are a common occurance I 
take issue with it.

> We can continue this discussion in finnish so I can express myself 
> more naturally ;) (kidding)

It would be a good test to see how well Google can translate. "I want to 
have lunch with your puppy." ;)

> Individuals will always be individuals and they all act differently. 
> The best advice I can give you is to just follow the discussions, get 
> to know the people, see how the community dynamics work, etc.

I gave it my best shot for these two years. Yes, I joined with the N900 
crowd. It wasn't until this last year that I have seen things go sour.

> Well. engadget liked it :) This bit isn't really a community issue. It 
> is a common misinterpretation that meego.com <http://meego.com> has 
> something to do with devices. No so much - It only makes the open 
> source MeeGo reference SW that hardware vendors can take and 
> differentiate.

I am aware of what MeeGo is. I don't see anyone jumping up and using 
MeeGo though. Using: multiple devices on major markets. I see putting my 
time into Fedora ARM as a better alternative.

> To me it seems that you're venting your frustration/disappointment on 
> Nokia not delivering according to your expectations on the community 
> which of course is the wrong target so it's kinda expected that you 
> won't be getting a warm welcome from the community. Why? The community 
> is pretty much people like you and me. Don't blame us for things that 
> we haven't done and are not even in the position to do.
> I'm just as ignorant finnish software engineer and I maintain packages 
> in and do small applications for MeeGo in my spare time. See, we're 
> not that different.

My frustration is partly at Nokia, but some (note: some) members I have 
interacted with have largely left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe I just 
have bad social skills, but don't all engineers? :P

It's good to hear from you, Timo. Thanks for the reply. Please don't 
view my e-mail as an attack on you personally. There have been positive 
moments in my time in Maemo. It has just fallen off here at the end and 
I wanted to vent.
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