[maemo-community] My Perception of the Maemo/MeeGo Community

From: timop.harkonen at gmail.com timop.harkonen at gmail.com
Date: Sun Aug 14 12:28:51 EEST 2011
Top posting from n950 (yes the email client makes you do that!)

Actually I think you should follow the formeego.org discussion. That effort spawned party from frustration on lack of visibility, etc for non-paid contributors around meego. The site is still been setup but should be live soonish afaik.

I've been advocating among others for making a fedora like satellite community controlled distro based on meego and formeego.org could be the place where it happens. Of course it wouldn't make the tranparency problems in meego go away but it would at least isolate them.

What I'm saying is that there are frustrated people within maemo/meego but some of them are the stubborn sort who push things forward no matter what. 'x happened. So what - we'll do y to move on'.

-TimoMichael Cronenworth kirjoitti Sun Aug 14 11:37:00 2011:
On 08/14/2011 03:20 AM, Revd Kathy Smith wrote:
> Your response to Texrat's reply seems to me to be sign of a tendency 
> to take stuff personally. I recognise it because I have that tendency 
> too. When Nokia announced the n9 and two or three people made comments 
> on forum.meego that it should be discussed there as it wasn't 
> relevant, I felt personally slighted and made unwelcome: but there was 
> nothing personal in the comments, and careful study showed it was one 
> or two posters at most making those responses. So I would invite you 
> to present specifics. Bring us the actual statements which have made 
> you feel that the community is unwelcoming, and let us look at them. 
> If there are one or two being overly brusque we'll point that out to 
> them. But a broad brush sweep at the 'whole community' insults 
> everyone, when MOST people round here are helpful, welcoming and 
> well-meaning.

Your response, and Daniel's, is something I feared. My e-mail is more 
about the development community and not the user community. I thought 
about posting to the maemo-developers list, but then Andre or someone 
else will tell me to post on the community list. Plus I talk about MeeGo 
so should I cross-post to MeeGo? (I hate cross posting) Or perhaps post 
on t.m.o or f.m.o? Posting to maemo-community seemed the least evil 
thing to do.

> The other thing I invite you do is make sure you have it clear in your 
> head what is the role of the Maemo community, what is MeeGo Community 
> (they are not the same, and the two communities operate very 
> differently) and what is the corporate business of Nokia. Blaming the 
> community for Nokia's business decisions is taking a meaningless swipe 
> at the wrong people, some of whom are every bit as hacked off as you 
> are at the decisions, but finding creative ways to live with it.

While I do have some frustration at Nokia, it is not entirely focused on 
them. My creative way of living with it would be to pursue an Android 
device. :)
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