[maemo-community] Self-nomintation

From: Jeremiah C. Foster jeremiah at jeremiahfoster.com
Date: Sat Aug 20 15:23:59 EEST 2011
On Aug 20, 2011, at 12:26, momcilo.majic at gmail.com wrote:

> Hi,
> According to the election terms, the nominations have not started yet.

Ooops. I'm early. Oh well, release early, release often. :)

> Nominations open: 00:00, Thursday, 1st September 2011
> Nominations close: 23:59, Wednesday, 15th September 2011
> Voting opens: 00:00, Thursday, 22nd September 2010
> Voting closes: 23:59, Wednesday, 28th September 2010
> Personally I think Debian rocks, but how do you integrate maemo software within Debian?

Damn good question. And that needs to be answered without a lot of handwaving. The DEX project began as Canonical's CTO identified a bunch of patches in Ubuntu that were relevant to Debian. I wonder if we might have the same? That is to say, I'd mine the Maemo package databases and find packages that were also in Debian, see if they are different from Debian and add the delta back to Debian. Along that path I bet we'll find other useful things for Debian, like changes to Lintian that are maybe appropriate for "vendor" Lintian checks. This is something I could add to my long stalled maemian project.

> In addition we have an issue related to the closed sourced binaries?

By moving software patches back to Debian, we can also begin to exert pressure on Nokia to supply any patches that they haven't yet added. They no longer have the business case to keep these blobs closed since they're no longer supporting Linux. We can demonstrate that we have the interest to do the work for them and that they have the obligation to provide those changes and that is about all we can do. But that is something.

> Which devices would be targeted?

I think if we had some interesting middleware from Maemo that ran on things like the OMAP 3 and 4, as well as the Freescale QSB, and Tegra 2 then we could make the case that there is software for tablets and phones as well as other mobile devices. That might be good motivation for people to hack these devices and put a Linux kernel on them, in fact all these chips have a Linux kernel already, so it wouldn't be much work to have a Debian like OS on anything that runs these chips and include Maemo middleware. That alone might persuade developers to continue to develop their software leading to new versions and potentially a completely free telephony stack for ARM.

That is what I had in mind anyway. What do you think? What is the feedback from others?


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