[maemo-community] Was: (Re: Election announcement article (formatting & questions)) Is: Why MeeGo is not an option

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Mon Aug 29 13:38:59 EEST 2011
On Monday 29 August 2011 02:22:38 you wrote:
> I'd argue that what you're referring to is not what people know as Maemo.
> Maemo is the brand name of a type of tablet and associated software, not a
> development environment. At least that is what non-developers would likely
> identify as "Maemo."

> > This support is even
> > extended to maemo.org - all uploaded community packages are automatically
> > built for X86 (in fact, failing to build for X86 will prevent you from
> > getting published on maemo.org).
> But no product has been made from this.

I don't think that's really relevant. There are no MIPS products that ship 
Debian (nor do people associate, say, SGI hardware with Debian) but that 
doesn't make MIPS any less of an official Debian architecture.

> I think the most important issue is to demonstrate that MeeGo and Maemo are
> really far apart, as far apart as Debian and Fedora, their parents.

I understand the notion and goal of tying up (what remains of) Maemo with 
Debian, was just trying to point out the technical subtleties to avoid wrong 
argumentation (IMHO governance and commercial backing differences *are* good 
arguments, ARM vs X86 isn't).

> What changes Debian into Maemo? The build system and a few binary blobs
> from Nokia?

That's a slippery slope (what changes Debian into Ubuntu or any other distro 
that uses debs ?).

Best regards,
Attila Csipa
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