[maemo-community] [COUNCIL NOMINATION]: Felipe Crochik

From: Felipe Crochik felipe at crochik.com
Date: Mon Mar 14 15:31:39 EET 2011
I would like to nominate myself. 

I am an independent software developer that first fell in love with the n800
and then couldn't resist the n900. I have tried to find a replacement for it
but just can't find anything even close. Of course, it isn't perfect but its
openness and the community around it make it as close as it gets right now!

Since the last election I have had the pleasure to attend the meego
conference and meet there some of the legendary maemo members - thanks, it
was a pleasure and I hope to see you again soon!

Things didn't change for the maemo community in the last 6 months as much as
one would have imagined but, at the same time, things have changed much more
than (almost) anybody could have imagined. 

It may be naïve but I think we need to look for a way to grow the community
and not just keep it in life support. I don't have the answer but hopefully
we can "make" one. 

My participation on the last council election:


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