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From: robert bauer nybauer at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 3 15:44:33 EEST 2011
Maemo Council has two proposals that it is publishing for consideration and
comment by the community.  The first proposal involves the promotion of
projects that are believed to be important to the community and will meet
minimum criteria of openness and self-governance.  The second proposal is
for Council to step back from involvement in technical issues in lieu of
project governance.  Council member Jeremiah notes that he objects to the
proposals to the extent that they seek to change the governance of the

*Council Proposals*
For the last few months, the community has been sorting out the future of
maemo.org.  After initial discussion by the new Council, two changes are
proposed at this time.  First, we propose steps to better organize and
manage Maemo-related development while at the same keeping intact the Maemo
community's history of openness and inclusiveness.  Second, Council will
refocus its activities and attempt to establish mutually beneficial
relations with other open source communities such as Meego, Qt, and Debian.
These proposals are intended to improve the overall functioning of the
community so that it can continue into the future.

 *1) Software Development*
Council proposes to promote one or more significant and strategic SW
development projects within the community so as to accelerate and encourage
participation by more developers in those projects.  Council will ensure
that these projects receive the necessary infrastructure to achieve their
goals and may provide them with direct access to some parts of the
infrastructure administration.  The projects will maintain their own
governance on a meritocratic basis by those community members involved in
the projects rather than community wide.  The governance may, but need not,
take the commonly known form of a Technical Steering Group (TSG).  All
technical decisions will be made by the project governance.  Council will
not interfere with the selection of TSG members or technical decisions made
by the projects.  However, the promoted projects will be required to be
operated and managed openly, and to include any maemo member in good
standing in the project.
*2) Council Responsibilities*
Council will step back from software development and refocus slightly to
concentrate on collecting feedback widely from all community members, and to
facilitating opportunities for members to contribute to the community by,
for example, establishing volunteer positions such as for the former
webmaster, etc.  It is hoped that meritocratic project governance will free
Council from having to address and resolve certain development related
issues, leading to a quicker and technically better resolution of those
issues.  Council will continue to be generally responsible for managing the
website, domain name, software licensing, IPR, and infrastructure and to serve
as the point of contact with Nokia, and now for other companies and other
open source projects as well.
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