[maemo-community] Maemo Elections - Extended

From: RzR www.rzr.online.fr at gmail.com
Date: Mon Apr 2 19:49:16 EEST 2012

I agrea with QG' post , fragmentation caused so many side effects ,
like if noone learn ...

"Why do people say MeeGo is dead?"

"The End is Coming: What do we do next?"

"MeeGo forum? (maemo.org round)"

So far maemo still exists and I guess once meltemi devices will show
up, the community infrastructure will be ready...

But If the community should evolve into something larger  like "mobile
open linux" ("MoOpLi" )
It may be good to consult existing communities like openmoko, mer,
tizen, replicant ?
and try to design something decentralized then future proof etc
I guess elinux wiki could be a good place to bootstrap something

Else It may became just other marketing suicide plan ...

I guess the same questions applies to meego.com


On 4/2/12, Quim Gil <quim.gil at nokia.com> wrote:
> On 04/02/2012 01:07 AM, ext Andrew Flegg wrote:
>> On 2 April 2012 04:58, Sunny B<sunnyb7532 at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> We have already started plans to centralize open source parts of the
>>> community at www.maemocommunity.org.
> Why the need to create a new Maemo site - in 2012? Apart from paying the
> maintenance bill, Nokia is not doing anything at maemo.org. The cost is
> mainly the extras/downloads part, which is something not trivial
> (neither cheap) to replicate elsewhere.
> What is the reason in moving away from maemo.org?
> If the reason is the declining energy then splitting away to a new
> project is almost a suicide.
> If the reason is a need to move forward to new trends then why not
> jumping directly to existing projects and communities leading those
> trends. There is no lack of interesting yet half-backed initiatives
> needing more flesh and voices for consolidation.
> And still... maemo.org has in place many elements that other projects
> would wish to have. With some perspective I believe the problem is to
> define a project around a brand in a time and industry when brands can
> be so volatile. The core interest of maemo.org is defined by "mobile +
> open + Linux" and the core assets of this community are great discussion
> + support + software.
> If I would change anything in maemo.org I would go in the direction of
> widening the scope to "mobile + open + Linux", keeping the current angle
> on Nokia products but opening explicitly to other targets - making them
> feel home. Then the infra behind http://apps.formeego.org is almost the
> best kept secret in the "mobile + open + Linux" community. Some
> connection would be beneficial for everybody.
> At most I would go for a rename/rebrand, leaving "Maemo" behind and
> embracing a concept that doesn't depend on any product name.
> PS: Is there a thread at talk.maemo.org where I can re-post this? The
> current active community follows a lot more the forum than this list, I
> believe.
> --
> Quim
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