[maemo-community] By-Laws for Hildonfoundation

From: Piotr Jawidzyk twilight312 at gmail.com
Date: Sat Aug 25 22:43:40 EEST 2012
2012/8/25, gregor herrmann <gregor+maemo at comodo.priv.at>:

> Yup, this bootstrapping is not trivial :)
> Couldn't we just say
> - the initial board is the Community Council at the point in time of
>   incorporation
> - the initial rules of election for the board (i.e. unless changed
>   later via the membership) are the same as for Council elections
>   now?

Can't be done this way. Board have very much "elevated permissions"
relatively to what Council is allowed to do now, and such change in
rules require referendum, via current Council statute.

OTOH, we can't just put it as "accepting bylaws is equal to accepting
current Council as Board of Directors", because many people might like
to accept bylaws, but at the same time, to give such "elevated
permissions" to other people.

Due to this, IMO, referendum for bylaws *and* separate election for
Board of Directors is required.

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