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Date: Wed Mar 7 00:14:22 EET 2012
ferent categories since Nokia cannot grant any permissions for the latter o=
n its own.<br>
If there are 3rd party binaries that are required to build OBS targets then=
 I will go back to my point of how worth it is to change the current situat=
ion given that there is no actual risk anybody could point to on Nokia pull=
ing hosting &amp; funds for the servers where that software is currently ho=
sted. As explained in the IRC meeting, changing the terms for the Nokia bin=
aries without a strong business reason is already complex. I expect convinc=
ing legal teams in other companies under the same arguments to be even more=
 complicated.<div class=3D"HOEnZb">
<div class=3D"h5"><br>
</div></div></blockquote></div><br>Thanks for the lists.=A0 Sure, if it tur=
ns out there are 3rd party binaries needed for an OBS target, then let&#39;=
s pause the process and discuss the situation.<br><br>Rob<br>

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