[maemo-community] Replacement for MeeGo Community OBS

From: martin brook martin.brook100 at googlemail.com
Date: Mon May 14 22:32:04 EEST 2012
Jeremiah Hi,

> What does the acronym NFP mean in this context?
> Not for profit

> > 2, Legal Entity Progress
> What type of legal entity is going to be created? Non-profit or
> commercial?
> This entity is still being worked out but it will be Non-profit

> > 3, Feedback on Maemo OBS progress
> In what way will the Maemo OBS be different from the COBS? Who will
> have control over the physical server?
> The Maemo guys are doing experimental work to get Freemantle building on
OBS on a few machines which are part of the Nokia donated Maemo infra with
a view to being able to transfer the Maemo build to an TBD OBS server in
the future.  The idea is to share the infra and the people resources in
management of a single OBS resource for Maemo, Mer, Harmatten, Plasma
Active communities.  The decision on who has control is still to be worked
out which is part of the 'legal entity' item above.

> If those questions get addressed and put in the minutes I would be
> very grateful.
> Sure no problem, I've added my 2c here

> vgrade
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