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From: ibra.kalifa at gmail.com ibra.kalifa at gmail.com
Date: Sun May 27 20:28:00 EEST 2012
Im so proud when hold my first N900, reading, and watching youtube everyday about maemo(dualboot, etc), and then finally managed to get one after saving my money and i love it!! , after 4 months hold n900, disaster comings, my son play it around and throw my n900 into the water, and its died, soon i manage to get an N9(even its rare and hard to find here), as long as i held maemo device, i much and much learning from this community, what the meaning of real-power of linux and other stuff too, actually im working at samsung gallery, but falling in love with maemo and cant understand why nokia abando it, so im gonna be a little dust of your community, lets keep it alive, long live maemo, you are all awesome!!!


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