[maemo-community] submission Communtiy Awards program

From: Niel Nielsen nieldk at gmail.com
Date: Mon May 28 07:10:46 EEST 2012
Hello all,

I apply for a N950 device for the Communtiy Awards program.

I have ported already several pentest tools for the N9, and want to ensure
that these also work on N950. ATM issues are kernel changes and compiling,
to implement NAT and packet injection. Goal is to have a full suite of
pentest tools with a working GUI (Qt is my current target as a wrapper
around GTK, hopefully this project will be usefull to make all Qt programs
GTK aware)
I need two devices because this takes a lot of reflashing of alpha kernels,
but also to be able to test on both N9 and N950.
I have N9, therefore I ask for N950.

/Niel Nielsen (nieldk)
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