[maemo-community] Community Awards submission

From: Jonni Rainisto jonni at rainisto.com
Date: Mon May 28 11:54:45 EEST 2012
Past deeds:
- Submitted following apps to Ovi Store
- btinput-terminal has over 5000 free downloads from the store
- Have been quite active helping people on my free time on TMO
- My TMO username rainisto  http://talk.maemo.org/member.php?u=59020
- IRC jonni at freenode #harmattan #N9
- Have been running Linux servers at home 24/7 since 1994. :-)
- Ported PresenceVNC to Harmattan

  (currently working on making full vkb support for next version, but
that's another story as its not past deed)

Applying for black CE N950 as that is the only device that I'm currently
missing (I do have old silver protoes with cripled RAM and they are not CE
But I will also be fine with N9, if there are better applicants who's past
deeds are more suitable fro N950.

I have not received N9/N950 device through any dev programs before.

Best regards,
Jonni Rainisto
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