[maemo-community] [Council] Maemo Community Awards submission

From: Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh mohammad7410 at gmail.com
Date: Mon May 28 15:07:22 EEST 2012

Since I already have an N950, I'm applying for an N9 (not Magneta ;p)

Here's a - probably incomplete - list of what I've done:
- Open Media Player
- Sociality (2 codebases for Fremantle and Harmattan)
- led-event-notifier
- man-db-n900
- hostmode-gui
- MediaBar
- patches to hildon-desktop, hildon-status-menu, hildon-control-panel, modest
- packaging of bleeding edge stuff before CSSU (eg. Pulseaudio)
- enhanced-lockscreen, a concept demonstrating customizable lockscreens on Fremantle with some system backends.
- slide2answer, a concept of using sliders to answer/reject a call
- helping around on tmo/irc
- various ports/scripts/patches that I don't feel are worth mentioning

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Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh
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