[maemo-community] Maemo Community Award

From: Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Date: Mon May 28 17:10:25 EEST 2012
I am nominating myself for the Maemo Community Award.

My past accomplishments involving Nokia Internet Tablets:
- Reverse engineered hardware-level (cellmo) N900 GPS protocol;
Somewhat old rev-eng'd specifications on the wiki:
- N900 GPS NMEA "proxy" (to use it with gpsd, without liblocation)
- Responsible for the N900 and N810 ports of Gentoo GNU/Linux
- oFono port, including complete GPRS and SMS support on the N900, integrated 
with Gentoo networking/init scripts
- Gentoo support for N900 cameras, wifi, kernels, etc
- Gentoo support for N810 keyboard, GPS, kismet, battery charging, etc
- Contributed to mainline/vanilla Linux port for N810

I also worked on porting Mer (before it was assimilated into MeeGo and 
eventually killed off) to Genesi's EFIKA MX platform, but did not finish the 
port before Mer ceased to exist :(

I am currently working on (these are somewhat working, but not complete):
- ALSA driver for N900 cellmo voice calls
- User-friendly phone application using ALSA and oFono
- ALSA N900 high-pass audio filter (without this, there is a significant risk 
of non-pulseaudio applications destroying the speakers!)
- Proper gpsd driver for phonet GPS protocol (ie, no proxy required)

I would like to do:
- Gentoo port for N950 and/or N9
- Gentoo-integrated N900 battery charger
- Integrate a better user interface than KDE 4 (looking at Plasma Active and 
Razor-qt for now)
- Video calling, possibly including Skype, on Gentoo
- Gentoo support for TV out, FM xmit/receive, bluetooth, infrared, 3D accel
- Tilt-based Neverball port :)

I'd much prefer a N950, as it has a keyboard and is a feature-superset of the 
N9 (so my Gentoo port should automatically support the latter).

Thank you for your consideration,

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