[maemo-community] Community Awards: Update to submission's required fields

From: Daniel Persson toxaris at hotmail.com
Date: Tue May 29 12:05:49 EEST 2012
I thought I nominee my self in the Community Awards because I see my self as a good tester that is testing properly and leaving correct testresults for the developers.
I have been deeply involved in testing the opensource replacement of N900 Worldclock and Open Media Player.
Some testing for Kernel-Power where I was a part testing verious BT-headsets in the work with solving the BT issue in KP.
Also a few test-contributes for CSSU.
There is probably more examples throu the years.
Other then that I always try to be help newbies as I was ones a newbie my self. When I got N900, the only Linux I did know whas "ls" to list files ;).
If the Council find my deeds worthy a phone, I would prefer the N950, but N9 is good too.
Forum nickname "toxaris".


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 > Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 04:21:12 +0200
> Subject: Community Awards: Update to submission's required fields
> From: twilight312 at gmail.com
> To: maemo-community at maemo.org
> Hello!
> Minor update to CA submissions have been made - every candidate should
> provide link to TMO account, and TMO nick. In case of candidate being
> *not* registered on TMO at all, please include info about such fact.
> /Estel
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